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Our Mission

After seeing how scarce material is for learning Japanese, we chose to work to patch the lack of education openly available by providing free textbooks, flashcards, and other learning material to try and help others learn Japanese! Because our team is so small, our updates may be slow, but we are all passionately working during any free time we have to continue providing free education for anyone who is wanting to learn. 

Although we offer all of our books for free as PDFs, we also sell the books, flashcards, and other materials as a printed and ready-to-use product, for those who can and want to help donate to us to keep us functioning. Nothing is expected, but anything is appreciated! 


Andie is a independent artist with over seven years of experience selling her work, both online and in-person at conventions. She is responsible for all of the artwork of Buchi and Pichi you'll see throughout this book, and on the website. Check out more of her stuff at on Instagram!

To ask about custom artwork, contact:


@cartoonsbyandie on Instagram


With a background of over ten years working in graphic design and three degrees in arts, Ellie is the main visual designer for all of the products. Working in a printing industry, she understands how to format the products so they are cheap to sell, but look and feel great to work on! 

For any design inquiries, please contact:



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