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Even with no experience, you can begin the journey of learning Japanese today! With books intended to teach you from the ground up, any beginner hoping to learn Japanese can begin their education alongside the rays Buchi and Pichi!

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Who are Buchi and Pichi?

Buchi and Pichi are two stingrays, here to help you along with your journey in learning Japanese. Pichi is fluent in both Japanese and English, while Buchi is learning alongside you! Both of them agree that learning together is far better than learning alone, and want to stick with you until the end of your journey. Find them hiding out in the books, or helping you out with studying flashcards!

Is this really free?

Yes! Everything we have created is 100% available to download and use for no cost at all, other than what it may cost you to print. This project was created with the intention of providing free education, and we intend to stick to that! The only things we offer that cost money are the items in our shop, which are offered as a way to donate to us while also getting something in return. We don't want you to give to us without us being able to give back to you! But if you want to donate without using our shop, you can, using this button.

Why Donate?

Our team is extremely small, and while we do strive to give free content to you, this can come with a few drawbacks. Because we are not getting paid for this project, books and other things may be delayed - unfortunately, to keep bills paid, we have to pick our paying work over our volunteer. Donations keep us up and running, and keep updates coming fast! If we have donations to keep us afloat, we are able to turn down other jobs, and put our focus here! Plus, purchasing books through us is cheaper than getting them printed at most print shops.

Newest Downloads

Hiragana Day-By-Day.pdf

Day-By-Day Hiragana

Hiragana Character Flash Cards.pdf

Hiragana Flashcards

Hiragana Handwriting Practice.pdf

Hiragana Handwriting


Practice Sheet.pdf

Practice Sheet


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